Herbs That You can Easily Grow in a Container

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Growing aromatic herbs can be one of the most pleasant and useful part of container gardening. It is pleasant because you will get to discover new fragrance and tastes and useful because your drinks, meals or desserts will become more savory.

So here are some suggestions if you are interested in bringing more flavor into your life.

It grows easily and does well even in spaces with shade and little sun. You can use it in lemonades, tea, cocktails or in desserts like chocolate or ice cream. There are many varieties and species of mint, but the one most used in Western cooking is the spearmint. Mint needs regular watering and plenty of space and feeding.

You might need some patience if you grow it from seeds, because they needs some time (about3-5 weeks) to germinate, but once it starts, you will enjoy this plant for a long time. You can also plant it from cuttings: you need to cut a stem of about 4-5 inches and plant it in a pot, at an inch depth. Make sure the soil is moistened and that the stem receives indirect sunlight.

One of the most appreciated herbs, basil loves the warmth and light of direct sun. It needs water but does not like soaked roots, so drainage is of the essence and watering is recommended to be done in the morning. Basil works great with salads, cocktails and even pizza. If it is clipped regularly, it can grow for a long time.

It requires a good potting mixture with pine bark and peat moss and a pot of about 12 inches diameter, so that its roots will have enough space. It is difficult to grow rosemary from seeds, so it is best to start with a bedding plant from the store. Rosemary needs sun and warmth, so it is sensitive to cold. If you keep the pot outside, it is best to bring it inside once the weather gets colder.

Coriander (also known as Cilantro)
It is a plant with strong fragrance and you can use its leaves and its seeds in cooking. Coriander can easily be propagated through seeds, as they germinate quite quickly. It also grows fast and you can harvest leaves in approximately 4 weeks after planting.

Growing herbs in pots and containers gets you all the advantages of having a garden even when you do not have the space or the time to care for a real one. So do no hesitate to try!

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