Flowers You Can Grow Easily in a Container

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One of the perks of having a garden is that you can aesthetically improve your surroundings. Flowers grown in containers can bring a touch of color and joy to your balcony or to your garden, transforming with little effort a dull place in a charming one.

Of course, there are many choices you can make when deciding what flowers to plant in a container garden, but if you are a beginner, it is best to start with the ones that have the best chances of survival, with minimum effort and care. So these are some options for you if you want to try to grow flowers in pots or containers.

They are charming and colorful and not very demanding. They grow quickly, so you can plant them from seeds and come in many different shapes and sizes, from bushy ones to tall ones. You can choose to plant various colors from bright yellow to vanilla and scarlet marigolds, arranging them in contrasting schemes.

If you have plenty of space and want to bring some cheerfulness into your container garden, choose to grow sunflowers. They will last the whole summer and will give you a healthy snack sunflower seeds can be used in many culinary products.

They are small and colorful and you can grow them outdoor in the warm season but also in the cold season. They are tolerant of cold weather and small and strong enough not to be pulled away by wind. The easiest way to plant them is from pansy plug plants. The flowers are edible and can bring a special look to cookies and cakes, lemonades or other type of snacks.

Dianthus flowers
They grow well in plant pots. They come in pink, white, red, purple or yellow combination (either solid color or in two colors) and their height ranges from 6 inches to 3 feet. They need their soil to be evenly moistened and all the sun they can get.

Morning glories
They are well suited for balconies or staircases, as they climb as high as they can. They bloom from mid summer to fall and only in the morning, as their name suggests. They are charming flowers in beautiful colors: blue is the most common one, but you can also find them in pink, red, purple or white.

Whatever flowers you choose to plant first, make sure you read more about their needs and pay attention to the way they are evolving. With care and attention, you will most certainly enjoy their blossom for a long time.

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