Using Repurposed Items as Creative Planters for Your Container Garden

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Using Repurposed Items as Creative Planters for Your Container Garden

Container gardening allows individuals to unleash their creativity and create stunning miniature gardens in limited spaces. While traditional planters are readily available in stores, why not take a sustainable approach and repurpose items from your own home? This not only adds a unique touch to your garden but also reduces waste and encourages resourcefulness. In this article, we will explore some innovative ways to use repurposed items as planters in your container garden.

1. Vintage tea cups and mugs:
Have you ever wondered what to do with that mismatched tea cup or chipped mug? Instead of tossing them away, turn them into charming planters. These petite vessels can be used to grow small herbs or succulents. Simply drill a few drainage holes at the bottom, add potting soil, and place your chosen plant inside. Tea cups or mugs with intricate patterns or vibrant colors can add an eye-catching element to your container garden.

2. Tires:
Old tires are often discarded and left to clutter landfills. However, they can be transformed into unique planters that would make an interesting statement in any garden space. Paint the tire with vibrant colors to add flair or keep it natural for an earthy look. Stack multiple tires on top of each other and fill them with soil, creating a vertical planter suitable for growing flowers, herbs, or even vegetables.

3. Wooden crates:
Wooden crates that have served their original purpose can be given a new lease on life as rustic planters. These sturdy containers are perfect for growing larger plants such as tomatoes or peppers. Line the crate with landscape fabric to prevent soil from falling through the cracks, then fill it with nutrient-rich potting mix before planting your chosen crops.

4. Cans:
Instead of tossing empty cans into the recycling bin, transform them into whimsical planters for smaller plants like herbs or flowers. Clean the cans thoroughly and remove any sharp edges before use. Spray paint them in vibrant colors and arrange them in various sizes to create an artistic display. Remember to punch a few drainage holes in the bottom to prevent waterlogging.

5. Old shoes:
Don’t throw away those worn-out shoes just yet! With a little imagination, they can become creative planters that add a touch of whimsy to your garden. Whether it’s sneakers, boots, or high heels, fill them with soil and plant a variety of trailing plants like ivy or creeping Jenny for an enchanting effect. Hang the shoes from fences, pergolas, or walls to transform your space into a unique garden oasis.

6. Broken pottery:
Accidents happen, and sometimes pottery ends up chipped or broken beyond repair. Instead of discarding these pieces, repurpose them as eye-catching planters for succulents or small cacti. The irregular edges add character and charm to your container garden while showcasing your resourcefulness.

7. Colanders and sieves:
Colanders and sieves that have seen better days can find new life as stylish hanging baskets for your container garden. Utilize their existing drainage holes by filling them with well-draining soil mix and planting cascading flowers or trailing vines like petunias or ivy-leaved geraniums.

Repurposing items as planters not only unleashes your creativity but also reduces waste and adds personality to your container garden. So next time you come across old items that no longer serve their original purpose, think twice before discarding them – they could be the next extraordinary planter in your collection!

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