Grapevines and Wine, Where Do Wine Enthusiasts Start?

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Urban farming has become such a massive explosion that 1 in 3 people either know someone that’s farming from their small apartment balcony, or they themselves are an urban farmer. Nowadays on YouTube, urban farming has become the go-to step-by-step initiative to battle rising food costs. As luck would have it, vineyards are making a come back and not just as a tourist stop.

Instead, families and groups of friends are finding ways to build their own vineyards! Wine is a huge seller right now and why wouldn’t people just jump right in, right? Suddenly in small rural areas, the winery is making a comeback and it could become a huge industry boom in 2023.

Photo by Chelsea Pridham on Unsplash

Where does one start when it comes to opening and seeding a vineyard? First off, if you’ve come into some land or you’ve bought an acre or two, you’re in luck. Buying and owning land is the biggest step to take in this crafting wine journey. The next huge step is to think of a proper brand name to represent your vineyard along with an outlined and detailed business plan. This involves creating realistic and achievable goals that can show the progress your business ends up completing.

The 3rd step is to know what zone you live in, that countries taxes, and even down to that state’s taxes. A business license will need to be issued before a person can sell any type of product and there are a few alcohol selling licenses that will be needed. Along with a permit. There are many protocols to go through depending on where you live when it comes to selling alcohol, distribution of alcohol, and the making of alcohol.

A word of advice before starting a vineyard, while this can be an incredibly beneficial investment, a winery takes a lot of time to mature and grow.

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Budgeting will be the gateway between saving for a null season or a mishap. If an owner is not great at sticking to a budget, they should hire an accountant that can help with this. When they say that budgeting is the be-all or nothing, this is absolutely true. Make sure this project can fit into your budget with a bit of saving leftover. Having a few hundred dollars left over is better than nothing, in case something breaks.

Hiring respected people to take care of the finical side of things is common, however, some prefer to do so on their own. It would be best to follow a general guideline from a successful winery so there are not too many bumps on your journey.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

If you do not have a budget, well that’s where funding comes in! Websites like KickStart are a great way to have a fundraiser reach the correct goal financially. Tell your family and friends to see if anyone would like to pitch in a certain amount, however, building a fanbase and spreading the word about a new winery would be a great way to go. Social media platforms look to advocate as an advertising spot, so why not advertise a new winery that needs to reach its financial goal.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

All of the above has to happen before grapevines are set into rows and fertilized. The work that goes into a winery is not an easy one by any means. Although, if it has been a lifelong passion to start a vineyard, have the determination and drive to take you to your end goal. Be there every step of the way to see that vineyard grow and become a success.

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