What do you need to start growing bamboos in containers?

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Bamboo is part of the grass family, also known as Poaceae. The plant is native to a number of continents including Asia and Europe. But today, it’s the mostly cultivated in China, Japan and areas in South and Central America.

Originally, bamboo grew in lowland plains and mountain regions in Asia, where temperatures drop as low as -30 degrees Celsius. So, bamboos are extremely resilient, and capable of surviving even the harshest winters in Europe or North America.

In this article we’re going to talk about the generic species, but you should know there are a number of tropical species in existence, as well. These are native to Africa, parts of Asia and Australia. The difference between them and the generic species is that the tropical plants need to be kept from freezing conditions in order to thrive.

Anyway, bamboos often get a bad reputation. That’s because they tend to spread very rapidly via underground rhizomes, and take over rapidly if not kept in check. But what if we told you there’s a way to prevent all that?

Instead, you can try growing your bamboos in containers. That’s the perfect solution, if you’re looking for some decorative plants for your home, or simply want to keep your garden clean. Container bamboos also make great apartment plants.

There are two main bamboo categories: running and clumping. The former is the one that spreads rapidly, while the latter tends to be more contained and will grow a more respectable rate.

It’s possible to grow both type of bamboos. Although there’s going to be a difference in how often you’ll have to repot them.

You see, bamboo grows a lot, even if you’ve gotten the clumping type. And leaving it in the same pot for too long will cause its root to bound and weak. This eventually leads to death.

So when choosing a pot for your bamboo plant, make sure it’s a large one. 10 gallons is the smallest size, but remember when bamboos are concerned bigger is always better. That will keep you from having to repot them every year.

Source: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/plant/leaf/bamboo-plant-2

As we mentioned in a previous article, it’s highly important that the pot has drainage holes. This is required to provide adequate drainage, as bamboos prefer to moist, not wet soil. Constantly soggy soil will facilitate root rotting.

Obviously soil quality is also crucial to the development of your plant. It’s advised that you don’t use soil from your garden or your friend’s garden to fill up the container in which you’re planning to plant the bamboo. Instead mix your own recipe.

For example, some experts suggest you use 3-parts quality potting soil mixed with 1-part composted manure. Remember to use composted manure and not the fresh kind. Your local gardening store should have this bagged product available.

Last but not least, add 1-part pumice. This is step is optional. Pumice is a great addition to your soil mix as it offers great water, air, and nutrient holding capabilities.

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  1. I love bamboos. Have been thinking of growing them in containers but was never sure if they grow well. But I can give a try now. Thanks for the information!

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