Everyone can enjoy container gardening. No experience is needed - no space is required. 

Are you interested in improving the quality of your life? Spending time outdoors, creating something that adds beauty or practicality to your outdoor areas is a great way to relax.

Maybe you'd like to decorate an outdoor area so that your family will use your outdoor space more and you have a place to entertain.

Perhaps you don't want to invest huge amounts of money on flowers, trees or shrubs for property that you rent?

Would you like to enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables that you grow right outside your back door?

Or maybe you are an experienced gardener who needs an easier and more accessible way to continue the hobby that you love?

If any of these describe you, I'd like to share my favorite gardening format with you. It can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter who you are, or where you live.

No space? You don't need it. No experience? Don't sweat it.

Container gardening is the answer . . . . .

And everything you need to know is here.

You will be successful. Help is here . . .

Make a game plan to achieve your gardening goals

Decorate and landscape your outdoor areas

Produce edibles . . . vegetables, fruit and herbs

Learn the basics of design . . . create your best container garden

Select your box, pot or planter . . . based on material and style

Create beautiful and practical balcony gardens with containers

Choose the best flowering plants . . . annuals, perennials, bulbs, roses and more

Complement your container designs with ornamental grasses and vines

Anchor your gardenscape with trees or shrubs in containers

Create specialty gardens . . . garden in water . . . attract butterflies

Master the basics of planting, container care and maintenance

The answer to many gardening challenges . .

A pot or planter filled with flowers can create an instant visual impact.

Weeding is almost eliminated - my most hated garden chore

It's easier on the back an knees

Better accessibility allows senior or physically challenged gardeners to continue to pursue an activity they love

Plant disease can be spotted sooner and actions taken to treat it

Watering is easier

Plants can be grown that normally won't live where you do - because of climate, soil conditions, etc

Deer and rabbits won't venture onto outdoor living areas like decks, porches or patios to nibble plants. Moles cant reach them via roots or bulbs.

If you change your mind about a certain plant or flower - just move it

If you move, take your gardens with you

Few things give as much satisfaction as creating your own garden and watching it bloom.

Planting in pots or tubs or boxes allows you to do that and more - in less time and with less effort than in-ground flower beds.

Try some of the container gardening ideas within this website. Learn more about plants in general. Experiment and find what works best for you.

The nice thing about a container garden is if you decide you don't like it, you just take out your plants and start over - no big deal.

Thank you for visiting this site, and . . .

Happy gardening -in containers!

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